Aug. 7th, 2012

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"...Whatever we do it’ll be new to us. We aren’t rocket scientist."

"I am. I built this company on crazy alternative propulsion methods. So, let’s hear it."

"What? Why’s everyone looking at me?"

"You have all the weird ideas, Vik."

"You make fun of them until you need them Okay, fine. Negative mass propulsion?"

"Simulations only. And they all end in explosive failure."

"Aerospikes. We’ve got working areospikes."

"But nothing to put them on."

"No, wait. Robo, did you ever dismantle the... Oh hell, what was it... That hypersonic jet engine you made with a seat attached?"

"The TX-17? It’s in storage. Nothing a few hours couldn’t fix."

"Okay. That’s something."

"There’s no life support, but I won’t need that anyway."

"The astronauts will."

"They’ve got spacesuits."

"Yeah, and five people in spacesuits are all going to fit in that tiny thing?"

"Oh yeah."

"It’s us or it’s no one."
"I’ll need a team to get the TX-17 prepped. It hasn’t been lit up in years, so get the proving grounds ready for a test fire too."
"Jenkins, prep the Hercules. Fueled and on the tarmac ASAP. Minimal flight crew, no delays."
"Pull anyone we might need. This takes priority over all other projects."

Meanwhile in London...

"It says,'The invisible house is the ghost of Station X,' Then, 'Ask Robo,' and it's signed Sparrow, 1954."

"Well I could not begin to guess what that means, or why the old battle axe thought I should be asked about it... Sorry, I'm sure she had a... good side. Somewhere."
"I'm going to be tied up for, well, I have no idea. But let's get a team out there to assist your investigation. Okay?"
"Dr. Lois, Dr. Martin. Sparrow. I'll brief you on the way. We know basically nothing at this point, so it won't take long."

All the words looted from Atomic Robo Volume six, The Ghost of Station X. It really is better with pictures. Buy the trade paperbacks.


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