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To: Jordan Kennedy Ways <Jordan.Kennedy.ways@tesladyne.com>
From: Robo <Robo.Tesla@tesladyne.com>
Subject: Your last on-site visit
Attachments: Leverage-doss.html (115 KB)

Hey Jordan,
I've got the information together on the group you dropped in on last time you were in town.
The whole package is attached but I've got the highlights here.
The thief was part of a team of five who operate under the cover of 'Leverage and Associates Consulting'. The work is solid digitally, but I know people who keep independent copies of hardcopy archives.
Their team:
Parker NLN: Does the physical insertions
Elliot Spencer: Combat (melee preferred)
Alec Hardison: Hacker (He's better at improve by all reports, not at pining things down ahead of time. No live hacking fights.)
Sophie Devereaux: Grifter. She handles the face to face work whenever possible.
Nathan Ford: Ring masters the whole thing. Ex-insurance claim agent.

Give it a read through and tell me what you think about how we should take them apart.


Date: 2011-02-09 04:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] evilontheloose
To: Robo <robo.tesla@tesladyne.com>
From: Jordan Kennedy Ways <jordan.kennedy.ways@tesladyne.com>
Subject: Removing Leverage

Hey Robo. I'd say start with Sophie. We have good actors in staff? Stage an 'attack' on her with someone who can act really rabid mad, and I mean -really- rabid mad. Few grifters are good facing direct danger or something they think is direct danger. Scare her enough and she will tell everything she knows about the schemes.

We have Parker too, right? I could lean on him and make him talk if you think he might be holding something.

Spencer can be dealt with using good old fashioned ass-kicking, and I can deal with the hacker. Which would leave the mastermind alone and cornered.

What you think?

- Jordan.

Date: 2011-02-11 01:52 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] evilontheloose
To: Robo <robo.tesla@tesladyne.com>
From: Jordan Kennedy Ways <jordan.kennedy.ways@tesladyne.com>
Subject: Re:RE:Removing Leverage

I have a combat bot that needs field testing. I think you'll like him, name's Eno. He's like a very smart dog that received full Special Forces training.

- Jordan.


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